Saturday 9th June 2012 – Paisley

Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697

In 1697, eleven year old Christian Shaw became “possessed by witches”.

As a result seven citizens of Renfrewshire were put to death and their remains buried under a horseshoe at Maxwellton Cross in Paisley. Christian and her mother went on to be the founders of Renfrewshire’s textile industry and a superstition grew that if the horseshoe was ever removed, the fortunes of the area would decline. In the 1960s, during road works, the horseshoe was lifted. Whether or not this had anything to do with the decline of Renfrewshire, the Paisley Development Trust have decided to re-visit the events of 1697 and replace the horseshoe.

On Saturday 9 June 2012, from 10am till 5pm, Paisley town centre will return to 1697 and every citizen of Renfrewshire is invited to dress in historic attire, come into town and join in the re-enactment of event

Event Programme and Map

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Event Trailer

An Introduction to the Characters