Tod's Tomb, Greyfriars, Edinburgh

Christian was buried here on 8th Sept 1737

A research group of eight core participants (one seasoned researcher, the others novice researchers) has been working together since August 2011.

They have made huge progress – discovering aspects of the Shaw story that have never been known before. The context of Reformation, Industrial Revoltuion and other historical details have been discovered and shared.

A Facebook page  has been established and the next stage is to write up findings for the website.

Most importantly, the research group have been feeding findings to the team creating the exhibition and historical re-enactment. They continue to operate in this way – undertaking specific pieces of research as the other groups request it. So much material has been uncovered, that the research group have decided to hold a conference in Paisley Abbey on the morning of Saturday 9th June. This conference will involve academics and local people sharing thoughts and theories on the phenomenon of Witch Hunting in 17th Century Scotland